What Drives Entrepreneurs to Use Social Media as a Customer Service Channel?

Social media usage is increasing not only by the laymen but also among the tycoons. Running an online business has become much easier with theses social platforms as most of the entrepreneurs now have started using this medium as their customer support tool.

There is much talked on the World Wide Web about social media usage and popularity among laymen and tycoons and this certainly is the result of its unlimited uses and benefits. Today, whether we take a small-scale business or large-size firm, an organization or an institution, the success of each is largely dependent on this tool.

social media customer service

Although, there are hundreds of ways it is being used by the online business communities – for instance, as a marketing and advertising source but there is one more usage which is increasing its popularity on the fast pace, i.e. as an ‘online customer service channel’. Here are the five basic drivers which compel entrepreneurs to use social media as an online support tool.

Faster Connectivity

Social media provides you easy and faster options of getting connected to your clients. With a stronger social presence, you can even give an open invitation to your clients to catch you anytime. As these days, customers first like to visit the Facebook page of a brand as it allows them to know more about it. Moreover, it provides an easy access to communicate with someone from the online support team. Today, to make the social connectivity quicker, entrepreneurs are even adding live support chat button on their social media page. The chat application, allows CSRs to proactively approach customers landing on their page.

A Worldwide Reach

Think about the conventional ways of advertising or publicizing your business, these are certainly time and money consuming and there is no 100% surety that the campaigns will remain successful. However, if you have a stronger social presence and a proper social media managing team, then approaching worldwide customers is far easier than your expectations, as it consumes minimum time and money as compared to the traditional ads.

Makes it Easier to Follow up Potential Clients

To follow up your leads is important as it shows your care and value for your potential clients. Moreover, this is the best technique to remind potential clients of your business, products or service. On social media, following up leads is far easier as customers are in your easy access all the time.

Increases Brand Mentions

While using social media as customer support, you can provide immediate assistant to your clients as they can approach you anytime, from anywhere. Even you can share interesting customers’ stories about their experiences with your brand. Resolve customers’ complaints on priority basis, as doing this you can get a positive word-of-mouth about your brand or business from your buyers.


As compared to other traditional support channels such as telephone, which costs much to reach out to international clients, social media is cheaper. You or your customers don’t need to spend money on catching up a client on this online platform.

Enables Delivering a Personal Brand Experience

By installing live customer support on your social media page, you can catch customers just in a matter of second. Even engaging them in one-on-one text based conversation and providing them on-the-spot assistance is much more convenient. This way you can deliver a personalized online customer experience, where your buyers can well analyze the standard of your service.

Easy and Round the Clock Customer Engagement

The most effective way of expanding your reach to the international market, is to stay available round the clock. If you have online chat service on your social media page, it will allow you to serve your clients 24/7, this way by eliminating time-zone difference, you can engage customers round the clock.

This way, social media proves to be the finest customer support tool for online businesses.

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