How Hotels can Provide Award-Winning Customer Service?

The competition in the hospitality sector is getting tougher than before and the only thing which can provide you a competitive advantage is ‘standard of your service’. For the improvement of your ‘customer service,’ you must know the smart usage of latest technology.

If we compare the five-year old stats with that of today, there will be noticed a dramatic advancement in hospitality sector the credit of which goes to ever-increasing technology-based innovations.

hotels customer service

Earlier, people used to avoid long journeys only because there were a few resting-points on the way; whereas now the number and standard of hotels have improved largely which is the reason that traveling has become a glamorous luxury. Today, people can make frequent stays on their favorite spots during touring and can purchase a homely comfort in A-class hotels.

As a result of which the competition in the sector has been boosted which is the reason that every hotelier tries to incorporate the latest digital sockets and content feeds into guest rooms and implements global yield management systems and competes to offer the luxurious in-room services along with the easier checkouts. Here it would be no wrong to stay that the innovation and progress of this sector owe to growing competition in the market.

Let’s see how the hospitality sector can further improve its customer service standard.

More Focus towards Customer-Driven Service

Although, hospitality is not the only sector where a more customer-centric approach is being used, but this is where it is being practiced more than any other domain. A customer-driven service binds hoteliers to keep their clients above money or anything else and this is perhaps the best strategy to inculcate loyalty, generate a positive word-of-mouth and a good reputation in the market.

Customers have become demanding than before now they want more than just ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ words from customer service representatives. To satisfy customers’ needs, hoteliers have to go an extra-mile in raising the standard of their service that starts from booking of the rooms to the checkout stage.

Incorporation of Technology

To make their service more automated and fast, hotels and restaurants are also trying to take the edge of latest technological innovations. For instance, to make the bookings easier, faster and convenient, most of the hotels are creating responsive websites with live chat service incorporated on them.  Using this technology, hotels can make their CSRs more active to ease the online booking, where the customers can just start chat and request to reserve a room. Even, talking to real persons on a hotel’s website, makes it easier for clients to get their all issues and concerned resolved beforehand. Thus, allowing customers to make booking while sitting at their homes hotels can take their service to the next level.

Easy Cancellation

A perfect hotel service not only allows an easy booking but also offers a convenient cancellation process.

Round the Clock Availability

Gone are the days when businesses used to provide time-bound service during a day i.e. from 9:00 am to 11:00 Pm or any other timing in between. Now, the focus is on the provision of round the clock service as it is the best way to facilitate your customers so that they could come to your CSRs anytime they want to. For the hospitality sector, the importance of providing 24/7 service even increases more because customers can make a booking or cancellation anytime they want to. If even the bookings are closed, the CSRs can tell the alternative ways and options to their customers so that they could get back to them in future.

Immediate Complaint Resolution

The hospitality sector is perhaps more likely to receive complaints than any other industry because here the customers directly experience the standard of your service. If resolved immediately and accurately, these complaints can bring positive outcomes, in case of positive word-of-mouth about your restaurants. The best way to resolve customers’ complaints is to engage them in one-on-one chat conversation and provide them on-the-spot, real-time and personalized responses.

This is how by taking the edge of latest technology, hotels can restaurants can create a differentiating element in the standard of their service.

Quick Lead Qualification Tips for Your Business

Qualified leads are actually a sure way of earning long-term sales, which is the reason that successful online businesses put a great effort on lead qualification process. For this they use different tools and special expertise, the detail of which is described in the article below.

To qualify leads is the primary step towards earning sales, therefore, every kind of business either conventional or online, makes a special sales team and equips it with different CRM and sales tracking apps. Providing endless benefits, a sales qualification process allows an entrepreneur to narrow down their efforts which directly lead to the allocated goals. This pre-sale process also allow you to funnel down the customers so that an entrepreneur could save a lot of energy, time and finances by targeting the right audience.


A proper and accurate lead qualification process differentiates those customers, who are really interested to buy your products and this way by maintaining a list of such clients you can streamline your efforts and sales plan accordingly. Not to mention that the process also helps you invest right efforts on targeted customers on right time. This way, a focused effort is more likely to yield positive outcome.

Here are some tips on quick lead qualification for your business.

Equip yourself

Equip your sales or customer service team with proper equipment because to compete in this fast-paced world, you have to take the edge of latest CRM and sale pipeline management software and a live chat, which could help you qualify leads, track sales and stay in-touch with your clients. For instance, live chat software on an ecommerce website allows you to proactively approach potential clients landing on your page. If the customer accepts your chat and starts chatting, you can ask targeted questions to analyze the chances of generating leads. The one-on-one conversation will allow you to get on-the-spot and real-time answers of your questions. Moreover, the pre-chat surveys and other details got through live chat software also helps you analyze either a particular potential client can be converted into a lead or not.

Prepare a List of Precise Questions

To generate quick leads, you need to interact with your potential clients in a bid to ask questions through which you could get relevant information that could be used in future to generate sales. However, this is only possible when your questions are effective enough to provide you authentic and useful info to analyze either a particular lead is worth qualifying or not.

Be Creative in Filtering Leads

While running an online business, you are privileged to design a lead qualification system by creating a free report or eBook which bound potential leads to answer questions before going for downloading. Additionally, you can also post ads on Google in a bid to target particular potential clients and even writing company blogs and providing links to your pages containing product information, are good techniques to qualify leads. The best you can do is to provide easy and fast connectivity to the users so that it could increase the chances for them to contact you because not everyone bothers to find and dial a customer support help-line. This is only possible when you integrate customer service chat in your ecommerce website. Now, online shoppers prefer to visit e-stores, where they can find a chat support facility as it lets them contact the support agent in a matter of seconds.

Once you have generated a lead, do not rush to make a follow up call; instead wait for that potential client to contact you. Whatsoever medium leads use to contact you, respond them through the same medium. However, make sure the process you use to follow up them is easy and comfortable.

After successfully piling up the list of qualified leads, you are ready to enjoy long-term sales for your business.

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